Company Profile Kanisius Ltd



On January 26, 1922, in Yogyakarta Indonesia was established a printing house named Canisius Drukkerij. It is the earliest offset printing house in Indonesia. After Indonesia’s Independence Day, Indonesian government trusted Canisius Drukkerij to print ORI, Oeang Republik Indonesia, or Indonesian currency at that time. Since then, Canisius Drukkerij became learning and training place for lots of Indonesian people.

Canisius Drukkerij, here in-after known as Kanisius Printing & Publishing House. Together with Kanisius schools which held by Kanisius Foundation, Kanisius Printing & Publishing House participates in educating Indonesian people by its services. However, Kanisius’ existence and development cannot be separated from Indonesian Church community.

On January 1, 2014, Kanisius Printing & Publishing House transformed into Kanisius Ltd.